What To Expect in the 2015 I-Codes

What To Expect in the 2015 I-Codes

by Kelly P. Reynolds ALA Code Consultant

2015 International Building Code

The 2015 I-Codes are being finalized. Here are some of the major changes you will find in some of the 2015 International Codes.

  • Installation of new construction fire alarm and detection systems upon any change of occupancy.
  • Fire access elevators must be capable of accommodating 3,500 lbs and needs to fit a 24″ X 84″ stretcher.
  • Groups I-1 and I-2 will now have Conditions 1 and 2 based on the level of care being provided.
  • The smoke compartment size of Group I-2 was increased from 22,500 sq. ft. to 40,000 sq.ft.

Group E (Educational) and first responder facilities located in “tornado alley “must have a storm shelter.

Chapter 34 (Existing Buildings) has been deleted from the IBC and is now part of the International Existing Building Code.

Elevators requirements have been moved from Chapter 7 to Chapter 30 for all the code requirements.

Pedestrian walkways now have specific requirements instead of exceptions.

Smoke barriers can terminate at other than the exterior walls when separating areas of refuge and elevator lobbies.

HVAC ductwork can completely exit a shaft and re-enter another if they are protected by fire and smoke dampers.

A new standard for foam plastic insulation where wind resistant pressure is required.

The occupant load for Group M (Mercan- tile) will be 60 sq. ft. per occupant for all floors.

Accessible routes between stories were revised to reflect the provisions of the 2010 ADA Standard for Accessible Design and U.S. Dept. of Justice regs.

Photovoltaic (PV) panels, modules and integrated products have been defined. New roof live-loads for these PV installations (solar panels).

Inconsistencies between the 2012 IBC concrete requirements and the 2011 ACI 318 standard have removed duplicate requirements.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 3.50.28 PM

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