Good Industrial Design


I have to admit, I’m not a fan of the iphone and its cult like following.  But, I have to admit, their industrial designers make some of the most beautiful products on the market.  It seems a shame to put a case on the latest iphone; the detailing is exquisite.  So along comes this concept for an iwatch.  Presumably the traditional dial, as shown in the photo, is actually a curved touchscreen offering all the standard interaction one expects from a smart phone.  It’s simply beautiful.

My only criticism is that in actual use I believe it would look too much like a woman’s bracelet.  Which of course will be great for the gals, as long as you can keep the face pointing up.  Personally, I like my watch to fit my wrist, which is not perfectly cylindrical.  Thereby keeping the face oriented for viewing.

The futurists have been prediction wrist controls for decades now.  Maybe we’re getting close to reality.

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